What type of laptop do I want?

Things to consider before buying a laptop

Laptops come in all shapes and sizes. From small, light laptops for quick work and portability, to powerful, top-range models that are more like a small PC.

But which one do you need?

That all depends on why you need it. There’s a lot to consider, we know. So, here’s a quick guide to some key questions you need to ask yourself before choosing the right laptop.

What types of laptop are there?

This is a simple question, with a not-so-simple answer. First, notebooks and laptops can often mean the same thing. Although laptops are generally larger in size than notebooks.

Then there are Ultrabooks. Ultrabooks are high-end laptops that prioritise being lightweight and portable, over having a powerful processor. Just be sure you know what you want!

How powerful should my laptop be?

Depends on how you use it! Gaming laptops have powerful processors and graphics cards to run the games. They focus on performance and speed and may weigh more as a result.

If you are planning to use your laptop more to store pictures, watch videos and surf the internet daily, you might not need something that powerful.

How big should my laptop be?

Laptops vary in size. Knowing how big you want your laptop is important when buying online. So, get your ruler out and think about how big you want your screen to be!

Laptop screens start around 13 inches for small notebooks, up to around 17 inches for most laptops. Of course, “big” may mean heavy! So be sure to look at weight and form factor too.

How important is screen quality on a laptop?

No matter what you use a laptop for, you could be staring at the screen for hours. This makes checking screen quality and resolution a top priority when selecting a laptop.

You may even want to consider a touchscreen. These can make certain tasks and uses easy, but can also mean a glossier screen that is not as suitable for photography and design.

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